Film, Institutional

That's fiber, Jesse.

The Brief

Fastweb is the first Telco company which led the optical fiber in Italy.
The competitors are used to make commercial with comedians or testimonials.
Fastweb asks to create a different strategy and creative approach,
and of course, to cut the production costs.

The Idea

We use a legend in the history of speed, Jesse Owens.
A black man, four times gold medalist, in Berlin 1936.
We compared the fiber and the force of Jesse with the optical fiber and the values of Fastweb.

The Execution

The challenge was to cut the production costs with a simple idea of film.
We use only footages from BBC USA and we made a moving commercial with short budget.
We introduced the new strong claim “That’s fiber”.
We made a great values ad and we won some awards for it.

Client: Fastweb / Agency: Take
EDC: Arturo Massari / CW: Lorenzo Rocchi / AD: Nicola Sanna

Awards: Shortlist Cannes Lions 2013, GrandPrix, Premio Agorà, ArticoloTre, Mediastars